Where is PrayForAlex.com gone?

Web Site PrayForAlex.com is missing.

For German version see / Deutsche Version siehe prayforalex.de.

While reading the book "The boy who came back from heaven" - a remarkable account of miracles, angels, and life beyond this world (subtitle), I was eager to read the web page PrayForAlex.com mentioned in that book. But the web page was gone, when I tried it (15th of January 2013), it merely contained some crap and the announcement, that the domain PrayForAlex.com was for sale.

As I was not able to find any information, why PrayForAlex.com was gone and where I could read it's former content, I decided to set up a new web page, where people like me could find all this information at a time - as soon as I would have been able to find it myself.

This is the "PrayForAlex.com - What Happened? - page". On 15th of January 2013 there was no more I knew, so this was the last line of this web page at this time.

These are the facts that came in step by step (augmented by some guessings of mine):

  • 2013.0116:
    • According to whois information, domain PrayForAlex.com was changed on last Friday, 2013.0111.
    • The speaking request form on http://www.theboywhocamebackfromheaven.com/index.php/kevin-malarkey-speaking-info/ didn't work for at least the last 24 hours (I used it every other hour or so trying to contact Malarkey family - it always reported an error). It possibly tries to send email to someaddress@prayforalex.com.
    • Yersterday I sent an email to kevinandbeth@prayforalex.com about this. It still sits on my mail server producing the warning "connect to prayforalex.com[]:25: Connection timed out".
    • There is a web server answering requests for PrayForAlex.com (IP=, but PrayForAlex.com has no MX record (mail server entry), and nothing is listenin on Port 25 (standard email service). Obviously there is no mail server at the "new" PrayForAlex.com.
    • My email sent to Gerth.de (publisher of the book's German version) was forwarded to an intermediate person (thank you Gerth employees)
    • Meanwhile I received an answer from Tyndale, the American publisher. They are digging into the problem. Alas, about what really happened, I have no clue yet.
  • 2013.0121: No new information yet, sorry.
  • 2013.0126: I wrote a snail mail to Kevin Malarkey.
  • 2013.0204: No news from Tyndale or from anywhere else, no working mail service for prayforalex.com.
  • 2013.0211: dito.
  • 2013.0214: After sending another email to Tyndale, finally I got an answer that says it all:

    It was the choice of the family to take the website down.

    There is a website about the book: TheBoyWhoCameBackFromHeaven.com, and, of course, much more information can be found on the Internet. But I'll respect the family's wishes and won't put up a compilation of the data they once considered public, but don't want it to be on the Internet any more.

    Let's just keep praying for Alex,
    for his family
    and for all people struck in a similar way!

    Remember: everything is possible for God.


If you have any comments, I'll be happy to receive your email: andreas@prayforalex.de.